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CG-150T Heavy duty Profiling Gas Cutter

1C019-0011 UW-1610



*The motor driven Electro Magnetic Tracing Head on the carriage arm traces the profile on the template ,this enables the torch to duplicate any intricate shape provided on the template of machine.
*The machines are designed with pantograph type arms providing a direct line guiding system.
*A simple and accurate magnetic tracing system helps in maintaining repeatability of the flame cut parts.
*Precise ball and needle bearing design of hinges ensure free and frictionless tracing ,enabling greater cutting accuracy.
*The speed of the machine can be varied with an indexed selector knob .The tracing head can be moved in clockwise direction by a selector *Light weight portable yet robust shape cutting machines suitable for on field jobs as well as for factories.


1C019-0012 UW-1611
All Position Cutting Machine

This machine is a multi-direction gas cutting machine, features compact and portable, it is easy to operate with silicon controllable speed regulation.
The machine is equipped with 2D flexible magnetic steel rail witch can be attached to the flat or curved surface. The machine can operate for cross cutting, vertical cutting, down-up cutting and curved face cutting.
The machine is used for ship, vessel, dome and tank/building repair
1. Cross feed holder
2. Clutch handle
3. Adjusting screw for locating unit
4. Magnet Rail
5. Torch
6. Balancing handwheel
7. Forward/Back switch
8. Hose
9. Rack bar
10. Motor
11. Gas valves
12. Distributor
13.Speed knob

Body Size (mm)

Speed control

Cutting thickness

Cutting speed(mm/min)

Rail curve (mm)

Weight kg







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