The professional welding and cutting equipment that UWELD has to offer can mainly be classified into four
product categories:

  • Oxyfuel cutting

    Gas products mainly like gas regulator and gas cutting torches have been widely used with the gas combianation of oxygen % acetylene/oxygen & propane in many fields.
  • Welding

    Electric welding machines and welding torches have the same function and even more popular than the gas products.Both of the above two categories are commonly found in fields like building construction, industrial maintenance, vessel manufacturing,all kinds of metal-based artwork, and DIY.
  • Heating & Brazing

    Heating torches and Branzing kits are overwhelmingly applied in HVAC technology, farming and gardening, roofing, hardware manufacturing, as well as outdoor camping.
  • Safety Series

    Protection will always be necessary during all these welding and cutting process. Safety products like welding goggles, automatic welding helmets, welding gloves are perfect for the welder's Personal protection at work.
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