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CG-100MAX3 Straight Cutting Machine

1C019-0004 UW-1603



The machine is an new generation, innovative machine with a body structure systematized for different types of oxy-fuel/plasma cutting and automatic welding work. There are three major parts to the system-The advanced motorized carriage, a cutting torch unit and the plate track and accessories. All serving as independent units, the customer can choose the system needed for his specific requirements.


Unique drive system- allows infinite speed range adjustment using constant speed motor
Versatility and convertibility - all types of straight line, circle, and bevel cutting

Quality cutting-Use Koike style taper seat type oxy-fuel cutting tips and torch with uniquely accurate, unequaled performance in cutting clean, and sharp edges.

Circle cutting-Adjustable radius bar for circle cutting

High speed mode: 240-2,400mm/min at 50 cycle and or 300~3,000mm/min (12"~118") at 60 cycle is available.



Cutting Capacity:

5 to 100 mm


0o to 45o

Straight Cuts:

1.8 m and multiples

Circle Cutting (Diameter):

40 to 2650 mm

Cutting Speed:

80 to 800 mm/min (50HZ)
100 to1000 mm/min (60HZ)


Injector Type to suit  Acetylene / LPG

Gas Connection (Fuel LH & Oxygen RH):

1/4" G 9/16o

Gross Weight:

11.5kgs w/1torch
16 kgs w/ 2 torches.

Dimensions W/O rail (m):


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