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UWELD new portable welding cutting kit

UWELD developed new CAMPFIRE portable welding cutting kit
The UWELD CAMPFIRE cart is designed to handle 8L/10L oxygen cylinder and 8L/10L acetylene cylinder conveniently.
Ergonomic handle design helps provide a more comfortable positioning of the hands for better control and maneuverability of the cart.
Wheel type: rubber.
This cart is idea for use in repair shops, garages or wherever casual welding requirement may apply.
All regulators, torch handles, cutting attachments, welding tips can be changed into your required models.
Heavy duty combination torch handle designed for welding, brazing, cutting and heating. It can be used with acetylene or alternate fuels. This model features silver-brazed twin-tube construction for safety and durability.
Cuts up to 5"" (127.0mm) plate and Welds up to 1/2"" (12.7mm) plate.
Cutting attachment with brazed triangular stainless steel tubes, making it light in weight while still providing exceptional strength and rigidity. The captive union nut protects the seats and ""O"" rings from damage. It features a fold forward cutting lever allowing easier connection, even with gloves on. The ease-on cutting valve provides smoother controlled starts. The forged solid brass head provides years of safe, dependable service, even under the most abusive conditions. Cuts up to 5"" (127.0mm) plate.

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