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Do you know your welding and cutting equipment?

Unsure what to look for to ensure your welding equipment is to a high standard? The correct welding and cutting equipment is important to keep safe within your workplace including regulators, non-return valves and gas cylinders.

With your gas regulators you’ll want to make sure you notice the following:

Standard ISO 2503
Labelled with manufacturer’s name
Within the recommended service life or under 5 years old
Pressure adjustment screw winds fully in & out, staying fixed to the body.
Bullnose & outlet is free from oils, greases & PTFE tape.

Also, ensure none of the following:

Incorrect for gas type in use
Unauthorised modifications
Exceeds the maximum outlet pressure
Shows damage to:

- Gauges

- Pressure adjustment screw

- Bullnose

- Regulator Outlet

Flashback Arrestors:

Standard BS EN 730
Labelled with manufacturer’s name
Within the recommended service life or under 5 years old

Make sure to look our for:

Unauthorised modifications
Unsuitable for gas types/pressure
Out of service life

Cutting torch

Valve operates freely
Evidence of flashback damage

Ensure your cutting torch doesn't have:

Valves leaking
Pipework bent or discoloured
Incorrect, worn or damaged nozzle.


Marked BS EN559 or ISO 3821
Correct hose clips or ferrules
Uncoiled from cylinders when in use
Correct hose for the gas
Clean & uncontaminated from oils & greases.
Correct size length for the task.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the following safety issues:

Hose incorrectly secured to fitting.
PTFE tape used on connections
Damaged – bulges visible; cuts, burns or abrasions expose the inner liner
The incorrect standard for welding or cutting.

Gas Cylinder:

The cylinder label is present & legible
Upright & secured by chain or strap
Cylinder is in the test date.
Valve outlet is free from PTFE tape, oils & greases.

Check your cylinders for:

No label attached
Out of test date
PTFE tape, oils & greases on the valve outlet

Non-return valve/hose

One per hose

Make sure this valve/hose isn't:

One or both missing
Damaged or leading.

Practices & Procedures:

Safety Data Sheets are available
Pre-light-up & shut down procedures are available & adhered to.

Unit let under pressure when not in use:

- Cylinder Valve open

- Torch valves open

- Regulator not wound down.

Keep these in mind when using your welding and cutting equipment on-site to ensure your and other safety. If you need any further information or would like some advice on welding equipment please get in touch!

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