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This creamic welding backing is made of mixed grain of various high-temperature-resistance creamic materials by compression moulding and sintered on the 40M of high-temperature tunnel kiln.
Our products certified by CCS and ISO9001 quality system.

*The ceramic backing block use natural inorganic materials (kaolin, talc) which are mixed the right proportion to form a ceramic powder,
shaped under pressure and baked at a high temperature of 1350-1400°C.

*Due to having been backed at high temperature, the blocks have excellent resistance to heat shocks in course of rapid heating or cooling.
Under the high temperature of welding, they remain stable without producing molten metal drops and in the same time a good back bead is formed.

*Ceramic materials have the fine property of acid and alkali resistively. Therefore, in process of steel pieces welding,
no deformation and no physical or chemical reactions occur.
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