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UWELD MIG welding torch




MIG gun offers flexibility in welding perfection. UWELD MIG torch is equipped standard with a ball joint socket base and lightweight cable assembly for ergonomic and relaxed use in every welding position.

Available in 200, 300, and 400 amp versions
Compatible with all major power source types (Lincoln®, Miller®, Tweco®, Hobart®, Euro, etc.)
Lightweightcable assembly that reduces torch weight up to 50% compared to others
Slim, ergonomic handle for improved working comfort
Ball socket handle base improves wrist flexibility
Combined diffuser/tip holder reduces part inventory and simplifies maintenance
Threaded, thermally insulated gas nozzle increases the service life of the torch
High-quality UWELD consumables including diffusers, contact tips, and high-grade nozzles
Ergonomic rubber handle has comfortable hand and is easy to hold.
Cable adopts special heat-resistant material, suitable for long time welding jobs.
Air cooled can extend the lifespan of this welding torch.
Fit for most MIG welding machines.
Economy: It is the most popular and economical solution for DIY/Light Industrial application.

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