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Weed burner

UW1731-B 1C022-0006



Design for heavy-duty outdoor application
Repairing road surfaces.
Removing paint.
Burning brush, weeds and stumps.
Melting snow and ice.
Roofing, melts tar and asphalt.
Propane use only
Safety and naturally without exposing children and pets to chemical
Excess flow safety valve.

Up to 500,000 BTU Output, most competitive units only offer up to 300,000 BTU’s.
Capability:cutting up to 150mm,welding up to 9mm
Excess flow safety valve prevents torch from operating if there is an excess gas flow problem.
Works with 20,50or100 lb propane cylinders.
Single-Flint lighter,5meters LPG hose,valve together with a kit
propane use only
operating temperature range -10°F to 100°F
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