Special Gas Regulator   Special Gas Regulator   Speciality Gas Regulator

Speciality Gas Regulator

UW-12-1512 1C008-0150



Open-styled manifold
Silver brazing on piping joints for maximum leak prevention
System is designed to accommodate future expanison needs
System is mounted with gas filters
Pressure switch port available
Easy installation
Wall or floor mount available
For Acetylene or fuel gas model,outlet connection is mounted with flashback arrestor for additional safety precaution

Sub Series for Special Gas Regulator

Manifold Systems

Design Features:with safety valve
2”Stainless pressure gauge.
2”Stainless Tube Max Inlet Pressure;200,3000 psig.
Working Temperature:-40 -74

Body:Stainless and brass
Housing Cap:Stainless
Body diaphragm:Stainless
Automatic Changeover System
Fully enclosed ,tamper-resistant metal cabinet
Pressure switch control
Light indicators provide system status
Suitable for flammable gases
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