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Shrink wrap torch

UW1739 1C021-0006



Shrink Wrapping equipment for polyethylene covers and sheets.
Quickly realization(About 1.5 mimute needed per pallet of 1 cbm)
Comfortable and light handle fir prolonged jobs
Keep products free from dust and umidity,it allows to preserve variours materials,also outside the buildings
Useful to the recover damaged pallets
Allows the use of shrinkwrapped bags or sheets,which can be directly sealed with the equipment.
Possibility to check forcing and removal of the goods during transport.
acking in rerail,self-service packaging
Can be Aluminium Box and Poly Box
With 10 ft LPG Hoses
Extention Tube is available

Gas pressure:1.5 to 3.5 Bar
Output power:72Kw
Air volume:6.4 to 10.8 lbs/h
Product weight:1.16Kg
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