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Heating torch is suitable for bituminous, material fusion, for roofing and other works such as strees and ramps defreezing. paint moving,surfaces pickling.
Professional heating torch,with piezo igniton device assembled close to the handgrip.
The piezo electric ignition is protedted from the handgrip till the burner by the fireproof.
The torch is provide with the lever,usefull to fix the desidererd gas flow and get a more versatle flame.
At the pressure lever,operator can go from pilot flame to full-brush flame.
Safety and naturally without exposing children and pets to chemical
Excess flow safety valve.

Total length:920mm
Nozzle diameter:60mm
Gas flow:2000Gr/h
Product weight:1.1Kg
Excess flow safety valve prevents torch from operating if there is an excess gas flow problem.
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