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Ba Wang Welding Mask




Functional and durable facial protection for welding, gas cutting by spark etc.
Handy ratchet adjustment knob for the head hoop.
Different sizes for welding filters available.
Perfectly protect your eyes against UV and IR rays.
Applied for gas welding,brazing and torch cutting work.
The original design of Anti - interference switch avoids not seeing welding object clearly due to complex surroundings nearby.
The window can turn on and off.

Light state: DIN4 .
Dark state: DIN9-13( Stepless Adjustment outside).
Switching time: < 1/25,000S at Room Temperature.
Delay time: Stepless Adjustment   0.15S ~0.80S.
Operation temperature:-523 +55131.
Viewing area: 98 X 43 MM (3-6/7 X 1-2/3).
Cartridge Size : 110 X 90 X 8MM (4-1/3 X 3-5/9 X 1/3).
UV transmittance:313nm≤0.00006%   365nm≤0.00006%.
IR transmittnce:7801300nm≤0.003%  13002000nm≤0.009%.
Weight: 490G (1.08 Pound).
Material of helmet: NYLON.
Glass size:108*50*3 mm.
Paper thickness can be 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm
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