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Aluminum Valve Body




Connection:1/4 SAE
Temperature Range: -55-125
Pressure Range: -0.1-4.2Mpa (Gauge Pressure)

The shell adoptes soft and comfortable design,which makes it give comfortable handle and high shock resistance
Large screen ,multi-angle,big-fount Lcd and baclight design make it clear in displaying, convenient in observing,It can be used in weak Light. High precision pressure sensor and digital temperature sensor greatly improve the accuracy and precision
Micro power electronic component design greatly enhance the life of battery
Contain 36 kinds of refrigerant parameter.
Dual channel RT measurement can work out the superheat and supercooling
Multi-mode option can be used in vacuum measurement, pipe leak detection and routing maintance
Different pressure unit(Mpa,Kpa,Bar,Psi),temperature unit (℃ F)can be switched freely to meet the usage.
It switched off automatically when the pressure is overloaded
The valve body is made of high quality aluminum alloy
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