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Professionally designed to combine user-friendly features and heavy-duty uses into a single masterpiece with top quality, fits the needs of both professionals and DIY fans in all circumstances, no matter big or small jobs. 

Trigger Start, ignite/extinguish flame by just 1-click, Instant ON/OFF design so you don't need to turn the adjustment knob every time
Safety lock to prevent accidental ignition
Flame lock for continuous use
Powerful Swirl flame
Replaceable Brass tip
Torch compatible with MAPP, MAP/pro (Propylene), Propane, fits 1"-20 UNEF US Standard Cylinders                            
Ideal For:
Heat treating
Braze Copper Pipes
Harden Steel
Melting Gold, Silver, Copper and etc.
Thawing Pipes
Loosen rusty bolts
DIY tasks, Crafts and Hobbies, Jewelry and Beads making                                                                                                                                  
Torch Size: 285 x 100 x 40 mm 
Torch weight: 421 g
Heat temp.: Max 1350℃/2462 °F
Consumption Rate: 222 g/hr (3.08 KW)
BTU: 8800 BTU/hr
Threading: 1"-20 UNEF, fits CGA 600 US standard type cylinder
Cylinder Content: 16.1 oz BLUEFIRE Modern MAPP
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